Artisan 100% Grass-Fed Beef Franks

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REP Grass-fed & Finished Artisan Beef Franks

A hot dog for grown ups. These regeneratively raised hot dogs are thicker and heartier than the average hot dog. Enjoy these clean, natural flavors with ball games, tailgates, pool parties, cookouts and friends.
Each package has 5 Beef Franks and weighs approximately 1LB.
Ingredients: Grass-fed & Grass-finished beef, salt, sugar, potato starch, spices, celery juice powder


Best Meat I’ve ever tasted

"This was the best meat I have EVER tasted. So rich and juicy I can’t even look at any other beef the same. I always buy grass fed and grass finished but this was a whole other level of experience! It was all still frozen when it arrived. And love the option to give back the box!!"

Alexis S.