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From the account login page, click on the link for "Forgot Password?" and complete the online form.

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You will be notified by email 3 days before your subscription ships so that you can make any adjustments.

Ordering & Shipping

We ship to all 48 states in the continental US. We also ship to Alaska by manual orders through email with additional shipping fees (Usually $85). We do not ship internationally or to Hawaii.

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Please reach out through our Chat Feature on the website and we will be able to answer this based on your order and your location.

Standard shipping is FREE with a purchase of $99 or higher. Otherwise, Standard shipping is a flat rate of $24.99.

We do ship to Alaska for additional shipping charges. Reach out through our Chat Feature and we can arrange that for you.

Please verify all items in your cart are correct, your billing and shipping addresses are valid and your phone number is accurate. Changes can be made on our end if we are contacted before we ship the product. If anything is incorrect on our end we will not ship until we contact you. Leaving a phone number is extremely helpful for that reason.

Your address can be updated in your profile before we ship, however, your address can not be updated after it has shipped. Please contact our Fulfillment Manager  if something is incorrect.

You will receive an email when we create your shipping label. You will be able to track the package using the tracking number provided in that email. If your order is large enough to need more than one box you will receive more than one tracking number. Please track your shipment and alert any gift recipients that a perishable gift is on its way.

REP Provisions does not offer exchanges or product returns due to the perishable nature of our products. Please contact our Customer Representative if you have any further questions or concerns regarding your order.

Please feel free to contact our Fulfillment Manager immediately if you experience any issues with your order.

Your order will arrive in a corrugated shipping box with an insulated liner packed with dry ice to preserve the integrity and frozen state of the product.

Orders are shipped in insulated boxes with dry ice. Dry ice will keep the product frozen and will dissipate over time. We include distance and weather during travel to calculate how much dry ice is needed for every individual box. The product should arrive frozen with little to no dry ice left in the box.

It is very common for the dry ice to have dissipated upon arrival. As long as the product is cool to the touch, the quality has not been diminished. Simply place the product in the freezer or refrigerator at your discretion. If you have any questions about the quality of your order, please contact our Customer Representative

If the package is being delivered at your residence it will be left at your door if you are not home. If the package is being delivered to a business location it will not be delivered unless someone is present to accept it. We do not account for business deliveries with our dry ice.

Always use gloves or oven mitts when handling dry ice; do not handle with bare skin. Prolonged exposure can severely burn skin. Let dry ice evaporate at room temperature.

Because our items are perishable, we recommend bringing the shipment inside as soon as possible.

No, we can not ship to Post Office Boxes.

Yes, you can ship to a business address. However, someone will need to be present to accept delivery or the driver will not deliver the shipment.

We do our best to get your order out in a timely manner. If you have any concerns about your shipment please contact our Customer Representative