Scaling Regenerative Agriculture with Technology

We must “mimic” nature as best we can through regenerative methods, and this requires a massive undertaking in data collection devices, A.I. and other technology.

Why Regenerative Agriculture Matters. REP Provisions and Savory Institute Go on the Meybest Podcast.

Bobby Gill of the Savory Institute & Trent Hendricks of REP Provisions sit down with Chris Meyer of Meybest Procurement to discuss regenerative agriculture, solar grazing, ecological outcome verification (EOV) and how REP Provisions is solving a problem for people living a keto, paleo or low-carb lifestyle.


MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Some of the world’s top investors, entrepreneurs and visionaries are in Memphis for Davos on ...

A Regenerative Future Can Reverse Decade's of Poor Health Trends.

Optimal health begins with optimal nutrition. With all the supplements, powders, pills and shakes on the market today it is difficult to know where “optimal” nutrition begins. All these products are claiming to be the best supplement ever…”get ripped”, “deliver more protein”, “lose weight”, “huge gains” etc are all nonsense. 
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