Why do deep roots matter when it comes to regenerative agriculture? Creating conditions that grow deeper and better root systems can increase yield, reduce the need for any fertilizer inputs, sustain plant growth in times of drought, replenish deep down aquifers and store more “locked away” Carbon in soils. 

Be Organic Podcast - The True Cost of Food with Eric Perner

We have heard the downfalls of conventional farming when it comes to human and planet health - So what do we do about this? What is regenerative agriculture? Today, we sit down with regenerative expert and cattle rancher Eric Perner to discuss the current condition of our agricultural practices and what changes we can make. 

Primal Blueprint Podcast | The Benefits of Regenerative Agriculture | Eric Perner Hosted by Elle Russ

Elle Russ chats with Eric Perner – a cattle rancher, a registered Professional Mechanical Engineer and a Co-Founder...

Cooking the Perfect Grass Fed Beef Steak

Cooking grass-fed beef differs slightly than cooking grain-fed, conventional beef. The importance of knowing the diff...

The Monarch Butterfly – A Migration in Peril

Each year North America’s Monarch butterfly migration begins in the spring and ends in the fall. It is one of the mor...

Top 10 Health Benefits of Pecans

Why did we choose the Pecan to make our nut butter? There are multiple reasons but one of the biggest reasons is they are native to our region and they have a positive impact on our ecosystems. 

REP Provisions is Invited to the Kroger Innovation Summit

REP Provisions participated in The Kroger Innovation Summit. The Kroger Innovation Summit is an invite only event that includes a very highly curated set of brands that are potential game-changers and innovators in the natural foods space.

OBESITY: Starving for Nourishment

A record number of Americans are living with diabetes or pre-diabetes. Obesity affects approximately 40% of the population which is a leading risk factor for developing diabetes. One in five Americans already has diabetes and one in three have pre-diabetes. 

What is Regenerative Agriculture?

What is Regenerative Agriculture? We get this question almost daily as consumers are increasingly more interested in understanding the environmental impact their food and purchasing decisions have on the planet.

REP Co-Founder Trent Hendricks & Silicon Ranch Partner to Restore Soil & Biodiversity to Solar Properties

  Trent Hendricks Co-Founder of REP Provisions and owner of Cabriejo Ranch was featured in a recent article by Nashv...

Silicon Ranch and REP Co-Founder Trent Hendricks Bring Regenerative Methods to the Solar Industry

Excerpt from Original Article: "Silicon Ranch has introduced the holistic management of grazing sheep to control ve...

Scaling Regenerative Agriculture with Technology

We must “mimic” nature as best we can through regenerative methods, and this requires a massive undertaking in data collection devices, A.I. and other technology.

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