REP Pasture-Raised Chicken Livers

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REP Pasture-Raised Soy Free Chicken Livers

These livers are perfect for the liver loverOur chicken livers are an excellent source of B Vitamins, antioxidants, and protein. Loaded with iron and zinc, they offer immune system support and increased energy levels. Their extensive nutritional profile fortifies almost every system in your body, from brain function to digestion, optimizing your overall health and wellness.

It’s no wonder they’re called a superfood, and ours are proven even more nutritious than conventional or organically raised birds. Why? Because when chickens are free to roam and forage, they eat a vitamin and protein rich diet instead of GMO grains, and other unnatural supplemental feeds. Only the best for our chickens, only the best for you.

No pesticides, hormones, or antibiotics ever.

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