FACT CHECK: mRNA Vaccines For Cattle – Fact vs Fiction

FACT CHECK: mRNA Vaccines For Cattle – Fact vs Fiction

Fact: REP Provision’s and our farmers DO NOT use mRNA vaccines in their grass-fed and grass-finished beef, nor do we use antibiotics or hormones.

Fact: REP Provision’s DOES NOT feed cattle corn or grain. Some people believe cattle can get the mRNA vaccine through their diet. Even if that were the case our cattle are 100% Grass-fed & Grass-finished. Our farms are also NO SPRAY, meaning we do not use fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or synthetic chemicals on the land.

Fact: Some people fear that the mRNA vaccine could be injected after it leaves the farm and is at the processor. REP Provision’s DOES NOT use large corporate processors. Our animals arrive at a local family-owned processor and are harvested typically within an hour. There is no need for a vaccine or antibiotic to protect an animal for less than one-hour of their life.

Fact: 75-80% of grass-fed beef sold in the US comes from abroad. 97% of domestic beef spends part of their life (typically 90+ days) in a feedlot.

Fact: Beef imported into the US from other countries, can be labeled product of the USA if its processed in the US.

Question:  Can imported cattle be injected with mRNA vaccines, processed in the US, and labeled as product of the USA? Yes. The best way to avoid any mRNA injected beef is to know your farmer. If you don’t have access to an American farmer/rancher we would love to be your farmer.

Fiction: mRNA vaccines in cattle are required by the US government.

Fact: There are no vaccines required by the US government, however, the majority of large concentrated animal feedlots do vaccinate for respiratory pathogens. That is another good reason to stay away from grocery store beef.

Fact: There are no mRNA vaccines approved by the FDA for the use in Cattle in America. There are no requirements or mandates by the FDA, USDA or any other govt body to vaccinate cattle (including non approved mRNA vaccines).
Just to get ahead of the questions. We do not use mRNA in any of our animals including our Pork, Chicken & Lamb products.










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