The Cowboy Up Podcast: What's Good for the Planet is Good for You.

The Cowboy Up Podcast: What's Good for the Planet is Good for You.

E24S3 The Cowboy Up Podcast

Listen to Eric, Co-Founder of REP Provisions, talk with Russell True and Alan Day on the Cowboy Up Podcast. They talk about a whole range of subjects regarding, his past life as a professional jockey, ranching, regenerative, history of our great prairies, nutrition and climate change. You won't get bored with this one because it's a meandering discussion just like nature.

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So says Eric Perner, cattle rancher, mechanical engineer, and co-founder of REP Provisions By working with nature (instead of against it), regenerative agriculture holds incredible promise for healing the planet while feeding our communities real food. Eric joins Russell and Alan to share the science, as well as his astounding personal experiences, behind this approach to maintaining healthy land and, as Alan Day likes to say, "happy grass."


The Cowboy Up Podcast

Dude rancher Russell True and cowboy H. Alan Day team up in Tucson, Arizona to talk all things Western. They'll share adventures from the range, from the seat of a plane's cockpit, from the back of a horse. (You may wonder how they lived to tell their tales!) And they'll have a roundup of guests, Western writers, horse lovers, chuckwagon chefs, ranchers, nature lovers. It's the West now and then.


Hosts: H. Alan Day, Author

Alan Day’s upbringing branded him a cowboy from the day he was born. To this day, he claims that he has soil running through his veins. He was part of the third generation to grow up on the 200,000-acre Lazy B cattle ranch straddling the high deserts of southern Arizona and New Mexico. The ranching and cowboy lifestyle appealed to him so greatly that after graduating from the University of Arizona, he returned to manage Lazy B for the next 40 years. During his career, he received numerous awards for his dedicated stewardship of the land. In 1989, Alan purchased a cattle ranch in Nebraska and soon after, a ranch in South Dakota. The latter became the first government-sponsored sanctuary for unadoptable wild horses. He developed and successfully used a herd modification-training program for his 2000 head of cattle and 1500 wild mustangs. Now retired from ranching, Alan divides his time between Tucson and Pinetop, AZ. He currently is working on a novel.

Russell True, Author

Russell True inherited the White Stallion Ranch, homesteaded in 1936 as a cattle ranch in Tucson, Arizona, from his parents, Allen and Cynthia.

The ranch is operated by the third generation of the True family. The author of Dude Ranching in Arizona, he also owns Tombstone Monument Ranch in Tombstone and Rancho de la Osa in Sasabe.

In 2017, he was inducted into the Arizona Tourism Hall of Fame. Russell was co founder and president of the Arizona Dude Ranch Association and two-time president of the Dude Ranchers’ Association.

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