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REP Co-Founder Trent Hendricks & Silicon Ranch Partner to Restore Soil & Biodiversity to Solar Properties


Trent Hendricks Co-Founder of REP Provisions and owner of Cabriejo Ranch was featured in a recent article by Nashville Tennessean.

Excerpt from the original article:

That a Nashville corporation providing a solar platform for Shell has turned to Hendricks and his family members to help restore their land is a powerful endorsement of the holistic farming methods he has devoted himself to. 

"Being able to have this opportunity to provide a service doing what we love, what we know how to do, what we are equipped to do and having an additional revenue stream that covers the cost of that is phenomenal," Hendricks said. "It is one of the most exciting stories in food and ag today."


To read the full article and get more of Trent's interesting insights into holistic management visit: Silicon Ranch merges solar power, sheep grazing to restore soil


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