Silicon Ranch and REP Co-Founder Trent Hendricks Bring Regenerative Methods to the Solar Industry

Silicon Ranch and REP Co-Founder Trent Hendricks Bring Regenerative Methods to the Solar Industry

Excerpt from Original Article:

"Silicon Ranch has introduced the holistic management of grazing sheep to control vegetation and regenerate the land at its 121-acre Providence Solar Farm in Madison County. The Nashville-based company is one of America’s largest owner-operators of solar energy plants and recently unveiled its Regenerative Energy™ platform, a transformative new model of land management for the solar industry.

To deliver Regenerative Energy™ at its solar projects in Tennessee and Mississippi, Silicon Ranch has partnered with renowned regenerative rancher Trent Hendricks of Cabriejo Ranch. Hendricks works with Silicon Ranch to deploy holistic practices on these sites.

“Cabriejo Ranch is grateful for the opportunity to help Silicon Ranch do the right thing for Tennessee and the world by bringing animal impact and holistic, regenerative approaches to the solar land base,” said Trent Hendricks, Managing Partner of Cabriejo Ranch. “Everything is connected and doing things in alignment with natural systems advances the health of the whole and every part and helps ensure the healthiest planet possible for our children today and for future generations.”

Outcomes of Regenerative Energy™ projects will be verified by an independent third party and will vary by project and local conditions. The spectrum of outcomes includes, among others, the following benefits:

  • Sequestered carbon, biologically active soil, and improved soil formation and stabilization
  • Improved air and water quality and increased water quantity
  • Increased biodiversity and enhanced overall ecosystem functions
  • Established pollinator habitat and endangered species habitat
  • Direct and indirect local job creation, job training, empowered community participation, distributed economic impacts, and reciprocal knowledge transfers
  • Generational equity, community resiliency, and volunteer opportunities

Read the full Silicon Ranch Article: Silicon Ranch Introduces Holistic Sheep Grazing on Solar Farms to Benefit the Land and the Landscape

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