Lizzy's Doggie Box (12lb)

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Meat, bones and scraps that will have that tail waggin'. (approx 12lbs)

Occasionally, we get products that are too small, packages that have a slight defect or simply have too many bones in our freezers. Our own dogs love these items so we are opening these amazing items to dogs around the world. These are literally the same regenerative items that we sell for human consumption but they just didn't meet our quality standards. 

What's typically in the box? Beef spare ribs, beef neck bones, and other various beef cuts. We recommend giving these items to your pet raw and uncooked, as they have been consuming them like this for thousands of years. Although, if you are uncomfortable with that, just be sure to avoid giving your animal cooked beef bones, as these can splinter and become unsafe for your pet. 

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Lizzys Lunchbox: Frequently Asked Questions

We use the same 100% Grass-fed and Grass-finished beef that the rest of our family eats. Our beef is regeneratively-raised on no-spray farms.

Yes. We don't use any of those things with our herds.

We wanted to keep it as clean and healthy as our human sticks. Grass-fed & Finished Beef, Beef Fat, Beef Organs, Beef Bones, Potato Starch (binder to hold it all together), Salt, Pepper, Collagen Casing. That's it.

Our Beef Snaps have NO preservatives or artificial flavors. They also contain NO Gluten, Soy, Corn or Seed Oils.

100%. In fact, they are made about 30 minutes away from our ranch at a local small batch facility.

Nope. They are designed to be dry and chewy with a satisfying "snap".

Our beef comes from our own ranch plus a couple other small family owned ranches near ours! The sticks are made by a small family owned processor about 45 minutes from our ranch.

Our smoked marrow bones come from the beef femur (leg). They are cut to a length of approximately 8". They are about 2.5-3.5" thick. They are best suited for medium and large dogs although small dogs will clean them up good, chew on them and get a lot of enjoyment.

The bones are prepared using a slow smoking technique which naturally preserves the marrow, meat, and bone. This method, combined with the fact that they’re smoked over a long period of time on low temperature, strengthens the bone and prevents it from splintering.

These bones have a minimum shelf life of 1 year. To store the marrow bones, avoid using airtight containers like ziplock bags or Tupperware unless you’re freezing them. The bones need air to maintain freshness due to their preservative-free nature. You can keep them in their original box or wrap them in paper. Refrigeration is also an option.

Our marrow bones need air to stay fresh for a long shelf-life. Storing them in airtight containers like ziplock bags or Tupperware can impact their shelf life and freshness, unless they are stored in the freezer. Therefore, it’s best to avoid shipping or storing them in airtight containers.