REP Regenerative Skirt Steaks (2)

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Did someone say Fajita Night!

• 2 Skirt Steaks, 10-12oz each
• Regenerative, Grassfed & Finished
• NO Antibiotics, Hormones or mRNA
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Listed weights are an average and individual cuts may vary slightly from what is listed.
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Regenerative steaks for you & our planet.

Perfect for fajitas, tacos, stir-fry or eat it like you would a normal steak. 100% grass-fed & finished our verified regenerative skirt steaks (10-12oz ea) are best served sliced against the grain for optimal tenderness. Our steaks beat grain-fed & grass-fed from non-regenerative farms in both taste & nutrient-density. No antibiotics, hormones, or chemicals, ever.

Best Meat I’ve ever tasted

"This was the best meat I have EVER tasted. So rich and juicy I can’t even look at any other beef the same. I always buy grass fed and grass finished but this was a whole other level of experience! It was all still frozen when it arrived. And love the option to give back the box!!"

Alexis S.