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REP Regenerative Beef Box

Product image 1REP Regenerative Beef Box
Product image 2REP Regenerative Beef Box
Product image 3Regenerative Grass-fed Ground Beef from Small Family Farms, REP Provisions - The Regenerative Company.
Product image 4Regenerative Grass-fed Ribeye Steak from Small Family Farms, REP Provisions - The Regenerative Company.
Product image 5Regenerative Grass-fed NY Strips from Small Family Farms, REP Provisions - The Regenerative Company.
Product image 6Regenerative Grass-fed Tenderized Steak Strips from Small Family Farms, REP Provisions - The Regenerative Company.

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The Ultimate Regenerative Grass-fed Beef Box.

You get all the cuts, Ribeyes, NY Strips, Tenderized Steak Strips and 4lbs of regenerative grass-fed ground beef. It's more than responsibly sourced beef, it's regenerative at its finest. 

What's in the REP Grass-fed Beef Box?

4 x 16oz Regenerative Grass-fed Ground Beef
3 x 8oz Regenerative Grass-fed NY Strips
2 x 8oz Regenerative Grass-fed Ribeyes
1 x 16oz Tenderized / Unseasoned Steak Strips

30 - 4oz Portions ($3.66/serving) 

(If a particular steak cut is out-of-stock, Ribeyes, Filets or NY Strips will be used as a replacement.)


REGENERATIVE GRASS-FED RIBEYE: Revel in the richness of REP's Grass-fed/Grass-finished Ribeyes. You'll savor the complex layers of flavor released with every bite. Plus, our juicy Grass Fed Ribeye offers 5x the Omega 3s of grain-fed beef and ample amounts of Vitamin A.

REGENERATIVE GRASS-FED NY STRIP: Our juicy Grass-fed/Grass-finished New York Strips puts its stamp on the ultimate grilling steak. This cut's classic robust beefiness is bolstered here by an earthy depth of flavor unique to 100% grass-fed beef. It also boasts healthful benefits. Grass-fed beef contains 5x the Omega 3s of grain-fed beef and ample Vitamin A. Our master butchers hand-carve every grass-fed steak and enhance the beef's natural leanness by extra-trimming each and every cut.

REGENERATIVE GRASS-FED GROUND BEEF: Once you savor the hearty taste of our Verified Regenerative ground beef, no ordinary ground beef will do. The flavorful 80/20 lean-to-fat ratio is perfect on the grill over an open flame, in the oven or integrated into some of your favorite recipes like tacos and chili. 

The cattle here are 100% grass fed over their entire lifetime and have never seen a feedlot. There are no additives, no preservatives, no antibiotics and no gluten. Super clean, ground beef that was flash-frozen in 4 - 1LB packages to lock-in its straight from the farm freshness.

REGENERATIVE GRASS-FED TENDERIZED STEAK STRIPS: Perfect for fajitas, tacos, stews or chili. Pre-cut into strips all you have to do is throw them in the skillet, or your favorite recipes and you'll have a delicious, healthy dinner in just minutes. Always keep REP steak strips on hand for whenever you have to make dinner in a hurry!

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Regenerative, Like Nature Designed it.

We manage our ranches holistically, as complete ecosystems, so you get the highest quality nutritional content while knowing you are helping to restore native grasslands. The Savory Institute scientifically verifies, with data, that our management practices are improving the land that we steward. By mimicking nature through rotational grazing our cattle are actively helping to sequester carbon, improve soil vitality and the water-cycle and increase plant and wildlife biodiversity. Don't fall for mono-culture meat based substitutes, eat REP, be regenerative. 

8 Reviews
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