REP Pasture-Raised Chicken Wings

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Our whole chicken wings are a perfect choice for the big game or a casual night in.

• Chicken Wings (1.5-1.8lbs)
• 100% Pasture Raised & Soy FREE
• NO Antibiotics, Hormones or mRNA
2-Day Shipping & Safe Arrival Guarantee

Listed weights are an average and individual cuts may vary slightly from what is listed.

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Happy chickens mean healthy humans. For their entire lives, our chickens actively roam acres of sunny grassland, eating nutrient-dense grasses, insects, and seeds. No pesticides, hormones, or antibiotics ever. 100% SOY FREE. Only receive corn supplement during the first week of life.

Our pasture-raised chicken is packed with nutrients. We beat the organic industry. Our chicken has 300% more Omega 3's and 50% more Vitamin A.

Our chickens get all the good stuff like: clean air, sunshine, exercise and fresh grass daily. None of the bad stuff like hormones, antibiotics, vaccines or concrete floors.

"I haven't had chicken like this since my grandmother fixed it for me as a kid." The texture and taste is different than anything you can get in a grocery store. Because of their breed and their natural outdoor lifestyle they are more flavorful than factory raised chickens. The reviews say it all.