Reclaimed Chopping Blocks

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6 Reviews

We can't say enough about these reclaimed heirloom-crafted chopping blocks (built by our family members). They are the perfect showpiece to serve your family or give as a gift that will last generations.

This Oak wood has such a rich American history. Reclaimed from cotton mills, amish barns and other buildings that date back to the 1800’s. All of them are end-grain cut for hardness and durability - meaning your great grandchildren will be using these. These are thick & heavy and made to last generations.

• Handcrafted from 125 year old reclaimed Oak
• Classic end-grain construction for durability
• Old wood is much denser and harder than new growth wood
• Oversized - 18"L x 15"W x 2"H

What sets these blocks apart is their undeniable uniqueness with no two blocks ever looking the same. While they may not be the epitome of perfection in terms of uniformity or flawlessness, these blocks offer something far more precious—authenticity and character that tell a story of bygone eras. In addition, their thickness and weight, make them built to endure the test of time. So if you envision an heirloom that your great-grandchildren will still rely on, then bring a piece of the past into your kitchen with these exceptional chopping blocks. They're more than just culinary tools; they're a connection to a rich heritage and an enduring symbol of quality and tradition.
  • All chopping blocks are custom made from unique pieces of reclaimed wood.
  • No two chopping blocks are alike
  • They may contain flaws, small cracks or small holes

All chopping blocks are custom made from unique pieces of reclaimed wood. No two chopping blocks are alike.



What Customers Are Saying.

"Awesome Chopping Block" If you know and use REP food, you have probably grown accustomed to savory meats and chicken. Now you can buy your next favorite kitchen gear from REP too. Block is better than promised. Get yours soon, you will be really glad you did.

Don P.

"A new kitchen staple" Absolutely beautiful piece of handwork - solid, heavy duty and I have no doubt this will outlast me by several generations. Adding this to my kitchen was a serious upgrade and willhelp give the cuts the respect they deserve. Grain of the wood is beautiful and the subtle Rep logos really add to the design and the butcher block quality complements what Rep do perfectly

Campbell R.