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Mangalitsa Hickory Smoked Brats

Product image 1Mangalitsa Hickory Smoked Brats
Product image 2Mangalitsa Hickory Smoked Brats
Product image 3Mangalitsa Hickory Smoked Brats

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1lb Mangalitsa Hickory Smoked Brats (4)
These bad boys are 1/4lb each.

What is Mangalitsa? To put it simply its the Wagyu of pork.

Sweet and Smoky with a hint of spice, Mangalitsa Hickory Smoked Bratwurst snap when you bite into them for that real Smokehouse feeling. No Nitrates or Nitrites ever. Grill, Serve, and Smile.



Pasture Raised Mangalitsa Pork, salt, white pepper, ground mace, ground onion, ground sage and ground celery.


413 Farms Mangalitsa

413Farms Mangalitsa pigs are raised as nature intended—roaming free on wooded ridgetops and hillsides, are never confined to cages or crates. The Mangalitsa, is a heritage breed wooly pig. This old world breed is a slow grower, taking 15-18 months to raise to butcher weight, whereas, commercial hogs take about 6-7 months. They say good things come to those who wait and that holds true to this extra flavorful pork product.

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