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Our Regenerative Jalapeño Beefstix now in bulk options with bulk savings!
A stick with real jalapeño flavor and mild heat.

• 30/60/90 Stick Bulk Boxes
• Regenerative, Grassfed & Finished

• Perfect for Sports Teams & Offices
• Buy Bulk Save Big Money.
• 75% Bigger Than Most Snack Sticks
• 15G of Protein, 2X the Competition
• Hickory Hardwood Smoked
• Chunks of Real Jalapeños
• Great Jalapeño Flavor, Mild Heat
• Naturally Fermented (No Preservatives)
• NO Antibiotics, Hormones or mRNA

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Ingredients: 100% grass fed & finished beef, water, sea salt, celery powder, dextrose, jalapeños, spices, cherry powder, garlic powder, lactic acid culture, in collagen casing.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, on orders of 2 packs or more you will receive FREE shipping and handling (US Only). If you are buying fresh/frozen meats and have over $150 in your cart you will also get free shipping.

Our 100% Grass Fed Beef Sticks are shelf-stable at room temperature for 1 year. They do not need to be refrigerated but will last even longer if you keep them refrigerated.

No, these 100% Grass Fed Beef Sticks are free from GMOs, gluten, grains, corn, soy, seed oils and dairy.

100% Grass-fed & Finished Beef, water, sea salt, celery powder, dextrose, spices, cherry powder, garlic powder, lactic acid culture, in natural collagen casing.

It is NOT used as a sweetener. We use a very small, trace amount per stick for the sole purpose of activating the fermentation process. By the end of the ferment there is little to no dextrose remaining in the stick as it has been consumed by the beneficial probiotic bacteria. This is confirmed by the 0 grams of added sugar in our beef sticks nutritional panel.

We deeply appreciate and respect the sacrifices made by our animals to supply us with nourishment. All of our animals are born, raised and harvested by the same rancher. They spend their entire life on the same farm they were born on. They are not bought or sold or sent to concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOS). Our priority is to ensure that our customers have peace of mind, knowing that this delicate process is managed with utmost care and respect. At every step, we prioritize the humane and ethical treatment of our livestock to minimize stress and eliminate pain. Furthermore, we are committed to utilizing every part of the animal as part of our responsible farming practices and sustainability efforts.

We guarantee that your order will arrive safe to the home address on your account when the orders is first placed. We at REP Provisions stand behind our farmers, our products and our service.

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  • Small batches harvested, smoked and shipped in days. Freshest on the Planet for the Planet.
  • Higher protein than other beef sticks on the market
  • 75% larger stick for a more satiating snacking experience
  • 100% Grass-fed & Grass-Finished
  • Verified Regenerative by the Savory Institute
  • No encapsulated citric acid
  • Naturally Fermented and gut friendly
  • All Beef is Born, Raised & Harvested in the USA on Small Family Farms
  • Not overly spiced so the high-quality beef flavors shine