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REP Beef & Pork Box

Product image 1REP Beef & Pork Box
Product image 2REP Beef & Pork Box
Product image 3REP Beef & Pork Box
Product image 4REP Beef & Pork Box
Product image 5REP Beef & Pork Box
Product image 6REP Beef & Pork Box

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What comes in the Beef & Pork Box?

3 x 16oz Regenerative Grass-fed Ground Beef
2 x 10oz
Regenerative Grass-fed Sirloin Steaks
2 x 10oz Thick Cut Pork Chops or Pork Steaks depending on availability.
1lb - Hickory Smoked Heritage Bacon

36 - Servings ($2.66/serving) FREE SHIPPING  

REGENERATIVE GRASS-FED GROUND BEEF: Once you savor the hearty taste of our Verified Regenerative ground beef, no ordinary ground beef will do. The flavorful 80/20 lean-to-fat ratio is perfect on the grill over an open flame, in the oven or integrated into some of your favorite recipes like tacos and chili. 

The cattle here are 100% grass fed over their entire lifetime and have never seen a feedlotThere are no additives, no preservatives, no antibiotics and no gluten. Super clean, ground beef that was flash-frozen in 3 - 1LB packages to lock-in its straight from the farm freshness.

HERITAGE HICKORY SMOKED BACON: Made from a heritage breed of pig that is known for having a juicier, richer taste than other breeds, our pork belly bacon is truly like no other! It's best enjoyed seared on either side on a medium high heat for about 30 to 45 seconds or until only the edges begin to brown and crisp. 

HERITAGE PORK CHOPS (THICK CUT): These juicy, flavorful boneless pork chops are finely marbled cuts made from our heritage breed pigs that are well-known for their rich taste, soft fat and exceptional marbling.

REGENERATIVE GRASS-FED SIRLOIN STEAKS: This lean steak is tender, juicy, and versatile enough to use in most dishes or by itself. It is often marinated and used for kabobs.

Our beef is grass fed / grass finished and raised on our own ranch for the perfect texture and deep flavor. Our animals are raised outdoors with room to roam. There are no additives in our meat, which is why the taste is so clean and natural. It's more than responsibly sourced grassfed beef, it's regenerative at its finest.

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