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Better Than Botox Bone Broth Kits

Product image 1Better Than Botox Bone Broth Kits
Product image 2Better Than Botox Bone Broth Kits
Product image 3Better Than Botox Bone Broth Kits

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This Slow Cooker “Better Than Botox” Bone Broth Kit is full of natural collagen! Time to turn back the clock and a whole lot more.

Making your own savory, nutrient dense bone broth just got much easier. Now you can brew it at home and get a whole lot more for your money! This kit creates 7-8 Quarts of Bone Broth with the bones from our pasture-raised birds or our regenerative raised cattle. This full-bodied brew of our 100% pasture-raised, antibiotic-free chicken or beef bones combined with our REP CHEFSGRIND chicken/beef seasoning and a few of your own organic vegetables tastes amazing and will leave you feeling great. Bone broth is touted by both ancient wisdom and scientific research to aid digestive health, reduce inflammation, boost the immune system, support joint health, and contribute to overall health and wellness.


Collagen Galore.

It’s highly desired for your slow cooker bone broth to gel when cooled. This is a sign that it’s got plenty of great collagen and gelatin going on – those goodies that make your skin plump, coat your digestive tract, and cushion your joints. Pasture raised chickens have much more collagen in their joints, bones & feet. This Marrow rich kit will produce plenty of gelatinous goodness making this broth “Better than Botox”!


 Frozen Regenerative Pasture-Raised Chicken Bones & Feet (approximately 8lbs) or Regenerative Beef Bones
 CHEFSGRIND Seasoning (Beef/Chicken or both jars of seasoning if Combo Box is selected)

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Collagen. This structural protein builds strong skin, protecting against aging and wrinkling. While expensive collagen skin creams work temporarily, dietary collagen is far more potent because it mainlines collagen to your cells. In addition, the collagen peptides derived from collagen heal your digestive tract, helping to prevent inflammation that leads to aging.



Some people consider bone broth to be a superfood due to its abundance of minerals that support and develop the immune system. Bone marrow is one of the richest parts of the bone regarding nutrients and vitamins and, when drunk as a broth, it delivers a strong dose of much-needed substances for the body.



Bone broth contains glycine, an amino acid that supports the Central Nervous System. When taken before bed as a supplement, studies show glycine may support sleep quality. Our customers have reported on multiple occassions that their sleep improved after drinking our bone broth. It is thought that glycine exerts its effect by regulating our internal body clock and lowering our body temperature to prepare us for sleep.



Gelatine is the most abundant protein in bone broth. Once in the digestive tract, gelatine is able to bind with water to support the healthy transit of food through the intestines. Emerging scientific research suggests that gelatine, alongside other amino acids found in bone broth, may have therapeutic potential in inflammatory bowel disease.

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