10 Ways to Champion Your Local Regenerative Rancher for a Sustainable Food Future

10 Ways to Champion Your Local Regenerative Rancher for a Sustainable Food Future

In today's complex food landscape, supporting local regenerative ranchers isn't just about buying quality products; it's about fostering a sustainable food ecosystem that benefits everyone. Here are ten pivotal ways to become an advocate for your local regenerative rancher and contribute to a healthier food system. 

  1. Buy Local: Redirect your spending power towards local regenerative ranchers. Every purchase speaks volumes, shaping a food system that prioritizes ethical and sustainable practices over conventional ones. Buying from the large grocery store chains is a lose-lose for the rancher, they get less money and consumer gets less quality.
  2. Forge Connections: Get to know your local regenerative rancher. Building relationships within your community reinforces the bond between consumer and producer, fostering transparency in the food supply chain.
  3. Explore Farmer's Markets: These bustling hubs are treasure troves for discovering local regenerative farms and ranches. Engage with farmers directly, learning about their practices and values.
  4. Embrace Regenerative Brands Online: Many direct-to-consumer brands support small regenerative verified farms and ranches. You can discover them through the Savory Institute's Land-to-Market program https://www.landtomarket.com/. Now you can access the healthiest options for you AND the planet. Here are some companies that are producing great products through regenerative methods and/or sourcing.
    1. Patagonia (https://www.patagonia.com/regenerative-organic/)
    2. Timberland (https://savory.global/timberland-regenerative-leather/)
    3. Serenity Kids (https://myserenitykids.com/)
    4. REP Provisions (https://repprovisions.com/
    5. Alec’s Ice Cream (https://www.alecsicecream.com/pages/our-impact)
  5. Snack with Purpose for you and your Pet: Opt for meat snacks for you and your pets that are sourced from regenerative farms. These convenient, shelf-stable products sustainably support ranchers and expand their profit avenues.
  6. Volunteer & Learn: Dive into the world of regenerative farming. Offer your time, learn about soil health, and understand the interconnectedness between sustainable practices and quality food production.
  7. Spread Awareness: Educate your circle about the importance of backing local ranchers. Share the benefits of supporting regenerative practices for the health of both consumers and the environment.
  8. Support Policy Change: Advocate for policymakers aiming to end subsidies for industrial agriculture. Shifting these funds can encourage a transition towards sustainable farming practices.
  9. Encourage Carbon Offsetting: Support companies investing in soil carbon and biodiversity credits. This economic incentive fosters change, as regenerative farms store more carbon and promote biodiversity.
  10. Inform Healthcare: Share the health benefits of properly raised animal proteins with healthcare providers. Highlight the potential of local farms and ranches in contributing to holistic health through nutritious food.

By implementing these ten actionable steps, you become an active participant in cultivating a food ecosystem that values sustainability, health, and community. Supporting local regenerative ranchers transcends a mere transaction—it's a pledge towards a more ethical and prosperous food future for all. Together, these steps empower individuals to play a pivotal role in transforming the food landscape, fostering a healthier environment, stronger communities, and a brighter future for generations to come.

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