The Rare Steak Cut You've Never Heard of... The Hanging Tender.

The Rare Steak Cut You've Never Heard of... The Hanging Tender.

How to Cook the Hanging Tender Steak.

You know, when it comes to cows, there's so much more to them than just the classic fillet. One cut of meat that really proves this point is the hanging tender. It goes by various names like hanger steak, butcher's steak, or skirt steak, and in Austria, they call it the hanging tender, while in France, it's known as "onglet." This particular cut is a shining example of how cows offer more culinary delights than just fillet or roast beef. As culinary professionals, it's our duty to set a good example when it comes to treating animals sustainably.

Now, let's get into the nitty-gritty of the hanging tender. This steak is sliced from the cow's belly area, to be more precise, it comes from the supporting muscle of the diaphragm. And here's the kicker: each cow has just one of these babies. In the past, you could only get your hands on a hanging tender from specialized butchers who dealt with the innards.

What makes the hanging tender special is its unique marbled, x-shaped muscle, which is typically no more than about an inch thick. It's bursting with flavor, so you really don't need to fuss with a bunch of herbs and spices. A pinch of salt and pepper is all it takes to make this steak taste absolutely fantastic.


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