We are excited to announce that the DoubleP Ranch (our home ranch) has been certified by the Audubon Society. This certification recognizes that our products are produced with bird-friendly land-management practices!

Audubon Certified Bird Friendly Land - REP Provisions

What is Audubon Certified Bird Friendly Land?

To participate in this program, Conservation Ranchers must meet four standards set by the Audubon Society:

Our ranch must be managed for bird habitat according to a set of protocols, including general habitat protocols that apply to all sites, regional protocols, and ranch-specific management requirements. We are required to adopt a Habitat Management Plan that is uniquely developed to address site-specific habitat goals and bird conservation opportunities. 

Livestock must be able to freely graze open grasslands. The protocols prohibit the use of antibiotics and animal byproducts, and seek to minimize grain-based feed supplementation. No feedlots are allowed.

We must demonstrate a commitment to properly caring for livestock by adhering to livestock production methods that reflect best practices for animal health and welfare.  Any mistreatment of animals is not tolerated in this program.

Pesticides are restricted, and waterways are protected from contamination to ensure that ranching practices result in cleaner streams, healthier soils, more pollinators for plants, and more carbon stored in plants and soil.


Audubon Conservation Ranching

Grassland birds have suffered an unparalleled decline over the past half century, stemming from widespread development of North America’s grasslands. This calls for Audubon's action. To combat the negative effects of grassland degradations—and to keep grass on the landscape—Audubon has developed the Conservation Ranching Initiative. This market-based conservation approach offers incentives for good grassland stewardship through a certification label on beef products. For the first time, consumers can contribute to grassland conservation efforts by selectively purchasing beef from Audubon-certified farms and ranches.


If you would like to know more about the Audubon's Conservation Ranching program you can learn more at this link:

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  • Hi! Congratulations on this certification, it seems like a huge validation of regenerative ranching. Could you share more, or direct me to a resource, that sheds a bit light on the animal welfare piece? As I understand it, the standards for mistreatment are nit very high and I’m sure you guys genuinely care for the animals from birth through death, so would love to hear a bit more about what that entails (even particulars on birthing/time for mothers to recover, and a bit more on humane ways of ending life). Please do not publish my email address, but you are welcome to not post this comment and just email me back directly. Thanks for leading the way with regenerative agriculture – I’m so glad to have access to this.

    Elizabeth on

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