REP Provisions is Invited to the Kroger Innovation Summit

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REP Provisions is Invited to the Kroger Innovation Summit

This month, REP Provisions participated in The Kroger Innovation Summit at Kroger headquarters in Cincinnati, OH. The event is sponsored by HRK, SPINS, 84.51 and VMG Partners. "It was a great opportunity to exhibit our regenerative shelf stable and frozen products to buyers at Kroger," Eric Perner, CEO of REP Provisions. Trent Hendricks, Chairman of REP Provisions said "these events are a great reminder of just how unique our story is and how regenerative agriculture really connects with today's conscious consumer."

The Kroger Innovation Summit is an invite only event that includes a very highly curated set of brands that are potential game-changers and innovators in the natural foods space.

REP Provisions - Kroger Innovation Summit

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