REP Provisions Beef and Broth Box

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What’s in the box?

The REP Beef and Broth Box is healthy fats, proteins & collagen.

5 x 16oz Regenerative Ground Beef
3 x 32oz Beef Bone Broth
1 X 16oz Tenderized Steak Strips
36 Servings ($2.75/serving)

Our Beef and Broth Box is the best value if you love cooking with grass-fed ground beef. We think this verified regenerative ground beef has the best flavor in the market. Many of our customers think that too. Combine that with a night of pre-cut, tenderized steak strips for fajitas or tacos and you have a fiesta. Last but not least, relax after a stressful day with a cup of our bone broth to give your body what it needs to regenerate and recover.

Best Meat I’ve ever tasted

"This was the best meat I have EVER tasted. So rich and juicy I can’t even look at any other beef the same. I always buy grass fed and grass finished but this was a whole other level of experience! It was all still frozen when it arrived. And love the option to give back the box!!"

Alexis S.