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Product image 1BEEFSTIXS 12-PACK (24 STICKS)
Product image 2BEEFSTIXS 12-PACK (24 STICKS)
Product image 3BEEFSTIXS 12-PACK (24 STICKS)
Product image 4BEEFSTIXS 12-PACK (24 STICKS)
Product image 5BEEFSTIXS 12-PACK (24 STICKS)
Product image 6BEEFSTIXS 12-PACK (24 STICKS)

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What if there was a beef stick that actually tasted like beef? Now there is.

Most snack sticks and jerky are so heavily spiced that you never taste the meat. Our Beefstix celebrate the natural flavor of  beef and accent it with a little salt, pepper and a hickory campfire smoke.

We started by sourcing 100% U.S. Grassfed beef - that is delicious on its own - from our own regenerative-verified family ranches. We then, took small batches and carefully amplified the beef’s natural flavor by combining simple whole ingredients and finishing them over an open wood-burning fire for a deep rich “campfire flavor”.

These naturally fermented, hardwood smoked beef sticks are a convenient one-of-a-kind healthy meat snack that will have you savoring every last bite. 


100% Grass Fed Beef, Less than 2% of: Sea Salt, Honey, White Pepper, Black Pepper, Minced Garlic, Lactic Acid Culture, Cultured Celery Powder in a Collagen Casing.


Grass-Fed/Finished Beef - That is easy enough. 
Sea Salt, White Pepper, Black Pepper, Minced Garlic - Seasonings for Flavor
Honey - The Lactic Acid Culture consumes the honey in the fermentation process. So there is no honey left in the stick but must be listed as an ingredient.
Lactic Acid Culture - This is a probiotic bacteria that plays a significant role in fermentation and preservation.
Cultured Celery Powder - This is a nature's preservative and adds additional seasoning.
Collagen Casing - Most sticks (including our early sticks) use a mahogany colored casing with dyes, HOWEVER, we have switched to a clear natural casing to ensure there are no dye colorings in our product.
Hickory Smoke - Our sticks are smoked directly over real hickory hardwoods in "smoking-rooms". Most sticks on the market are smoked by burning pellets in a nearby room and having the smoke pumped in via ducts.


12 BEEFSTIX TWO-PACKS (24 Sticks / 15oz)  

  • 135 Calories / 12G Fat / 7G Protein / <1G Net Carbs

  • 100% GrassFed Beef Certified

  • Naturally Fermented to Support Your Microbiome

  • No Gluten or MSG

  • No Nitrates or Nitrites Added

  • No Artificial Flavors

  • Cattle Were Never Fed Grain

  • Cattle Were Never in a Feedlot

  • Cattle are Antibiotic Free

  • No Pesticides or Herbicides used on the land

  • Paleo & Keto Certified

  • Land to Market Certified

  • Ecologically Outcome Verified

  • No Refrigeration Necessary

  • Just Open and Eat

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Why Buy Regenerative Foods?

REP Provisions is a leader in regenerative agriculture. Our farming techniques improve soil health, sequester carbon and produce clean, nutrient-dense food. Our goal is to change the way our food system works and leave a healthier planet and brighter future for the next generation. 

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