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REP Whole Pasture-Raised Chickens (2)

Product image 1REP Whole Pasture-Raised Chickens (2)
Product image 2REP Whole Pasture-Raised Chickens (2)
Product image 3REP Whole Pasture-Raised Chickens (2)

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2 x Pasture-Raised Whole Chickens (3.5-4lbs each)

These free roaming chickens are moved to fresh grass every single day. They forage in pastures that are pesticide & chemical free. They NEVER receive hormones or antibiotics. They live their best life enjoying fresh air, sunshine and exercise.

Because of their breed and their natural outdoor lifestyle they are more flavorful than factory raised chickens.

This pasture raised chicken is packed with nutrients. We beat the organic industry. Our chicken has 90% more Omega 3's and 400% more Vitamin E.

Give it a try you can taste the difference.


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