REP Regenerative Grass-fed NY Strips (2)

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REP Grass-fed & Finished NY Strips (2)

Our juicy Grass-fed/Grass-finished Boneless NY Strip puts its stamp on the ultimate grilling steak. This 10oz cut's classic robust beefiness is bolstered here by an earthy depth of flavor unique to 100% grass-fed beef. It also boasts healthful benefits. Grass-fed beef contains 5x the Omega 3s of grain-fed beef and ample Vitamin A. Our master butchers hand-carve every grass-fed steak and enhance the beef's natural leanness by extra-trimming each and every cut.
What is the NY Strip?
Sometimes it's referred to the KC Strip or the Strip Loin Steak. This steak is full bodied and rich with beefy flavor, a New York Strip is firm and tender when it comes to texture, flavor and fat. 

Best Meat I’ve ever tasted

"This was the best meat I have EVER tasted. So rich and juicy I can’t even look at any other beef the same. I always buy grass fed and grass finished but this was a whole other level of experience! It was all still frozen when it arrived. And love the option to give back the box!!"

Alexis S.