Product image 1PECAN BUTTER SQUEEZE PACK (1.15oz)
Product image 2PECAN BUTTER SQUEEZE PACK (1.15oz)
Product image 3PECAN BUTTER SQUEEZE PACK (1.15oz)
Product image 4PECAN BUTTER SQUEEZE PACK (1.15oz)

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Roasted native pecans seasoned with pink himalayan salt and a dash of maple milled into a smooth, rich and savory nut butter. These squeeze packs are great for spreading or dipping. Take your favorite fruits, veggies, proteins or just about anything you can imagine and dip them into the pouch.

Our proprietary sourcing, roasting and milling methods results in a nutrient-dense pecan butter that can best be described as addicting. Native pecans are loaded with vitamins, minerals and healthy fats that make them one of the best nuts on the planet for health and wellness.

1.15oz Pecan Butter Squeeze Pack ($2.58 oz)

• 22G Fat / 3G Protein / 3G Net Carbs Per Pouch
• Paleo Certified

• Keto Certified
• Gluten Free
• High in Antioxidants

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