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What’s in the box?

PICK 3 recipes and we will ship the REP ingredients right to you!

4 Regenerative Proteins (By Recipe)
Pasture Raised Chicken Breasts 
Regenerative Beef Stew Meat
Regenerative Ground Beef
3 Bone Broths (By Recipe)
Beef or Chicken Bone Broth 32oz
Beef of Chicken Bone Broth 32oz

Beef or Chicken Bone Broth 32oz
3 Seasoning Blends (By Recipe)
FREE Recipe Cards (By Recipe)
Local Fresh Vegetables

A selection of regenerative soup & stew recipes, created by REP Provisions, that will have you looking like a rockstar chef this fall and winter. The great news is that they only require 15-20 MIN of prep work.

These nutritious bowls are bursting with flavors that will delight your guests and have your own family questioning how you did it. Here's the kicker...wait for it... all of the recipes have slow-cooker options!

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